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Contact me for Custom Fly Tying, Upcoming Shows, or to Check guide availabilty during the week, give a call at 860-309-8588. Please take a second to leave a Message.   


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The Patterns I post are the patterns available for purchase, etc. ~ Check out my media and Instagram for an array of various Custom patterns. Generic patterns that can be bought at the fly shop is Not what I do or tie. Unless you want to create a new pattern with me. I tie a lot of flies so it me up "Now" if you need em'... ;)

For Fly order Pick-ups, Call ahead if you are running late when I am here on weekends. I book my guides and fishing kayak trips during the week.  Thank You !

I have acquired a lot of Classic & Great Tying Materials

Coming into a plenty of Vintage Fly Tying materials I have been taking more traditional soft hackle wet fly orders. So any of you guys that have inquired feel free to hit me up. Tightlines'


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I have spent the past 25 years tying pretty much any pattern there is out there.

But these days I pretty much specialize in Custom flies Only ~ By Choice.

 I tie a lot of big custom and commercial guide orders that consist of My custom patterns. Respectfully I do not have time to tie the basic flies that you commonly find anywhere. Also I will Not tie "other" local tier's patterns. They are my friends and I will send you to buy from them directly.



I do have other fly tyers that I use that will be happy to accommodate with generic patterns, such as woolly buggers, adams, etc.



Flies by Britton Custom Fly Tying ~ From Saltwater to Freshwater ~ Salmon to Steelhead

I also specialize in Old School Streamers and Wet fly patterns as well ! 

Follow me on Instagram @bootrout and by clicking on the Picture below to see just a tiny bit of Variety and Diversity of Fly Patterns I enjoy tying ~ Any of those Patterns can be Tied for You as well !  

So, just a simple phone call, email, or message can Quickly and Easily get you the Flies you Need.  Easy PayPal or Credit Card Billing and Speedy USPS shipping US & Global !

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We are a Top Rated Power Seller since 2010 on eBay. 100% Positive Feedback.   







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Last Fall at the CFFCM Art of the Anglers Show in Danbury CT, attending fly tiers had a chance to tie a Lee Wullf inspired pattern or two of "what would Lee Wulff tie today" to be showcased in a future display for the museum.. So I tied up a few without the vise - "in my hand" - just the way Mr. Lee Wullf would have done it… I tied a CDC Royal Wulff and an modern synthetic material - inspired Lady Joan streamer… It is Really cool that my flies are placed there next to the picture of Lee tying In hand… More so... All the great flies submitted and placed next to items of Mr. Wulff in the display look so awesome, Thank's !

But myself being a lover of the History of Fly Fishing as well as an old school fly tier at times… this  is so cool to have Lee looking over my flies, even if they pale in comparison.

Made my year ! Tightlines' !

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I Specialize in Custom Fly Tying, and my custom orders are tied daily Not only across the good old USA, but Internationally as well. I have been supplying New England Fly shops and also tying fly patterns specific to the region such as the Farmington and Houastonic Rivers for over 20 years. If you need that special fly or local pattern, just ask and I will do my best to accommodate. You don't have to visit to get some of my flies either. Just about any fly can be tied and delivered quickly to your door for you. We ship US & Global ! 







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We are a Top Rated Power Seller since 2010 on eBay. 100% Positive Feedback.   






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(Doliphilodes Distinctus)

Hello Dolly!

By Shawn F. Britton

Winter/Summer Caddis on the Farmington...












There is a few fishing spots if any where you can cast to rising trout throughout the winter months, and the Farmington River is no exception. With the great Winter caddis hatches in the early time, the winter caddis and the little winter stonefly dry fishing over the years has left me with some of my more memorable fishing experiences. 

The winter caddis hatches all throughout the year but are actually at their most abundant from around late October/November until early spring. But the summer fishing can be productive as well. Not so different than most caddis, the winter caddis are most predominant and found hatching a little farther down the slower pools and runs just off the faster water. Then they will make their way to the surface in an attempt to emerge, some to the river’s banks and bushes to finish molting. But… more so at this time of year, many of the females of this winter caddis species are born somewhat wingless, leaving them way more vulnerable in the surface film or poorly making their way to the banks at all. Making an easy meal for the trout and giving us some great dry fly fishing in the winter months.

Typically the best hatches occur on the brighter mornings, but this hatch is around most all of the time early in the day. Thanks to all the unformed winter caddis bathing in the slow water, method of presentation usually works fine with a dead drift over a rising trout, as opposed to typical erratic caddis fly fishing. Although the ever so "slight" twitching within the retrieve of your fly at the last few moments before the ring of the last rise, has brought the pickiest of trout to the wet hand.  I always have a few variations in a few sizes. Pupa, basic foam body with slight hackle collar, or no collar, and a foam body with wing.  Sizes in #20 to #24 are fine. You can always go smaller as well with hook size. Lighter 6x, 7x will do or smaller if you prefer.

On that note… If you have not been on the river all year like the select few diehards… Old Man Winter has packed his bags, Spring is here and I will See you on the river ! 

Tightlines’ Shawn 



























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