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 Welcome to Flies by Britton ~ The Home of Custom Fly Tying

Today on Saturday February 21st. I will be Tying at the Bears Den 17th Annual Expo in Taunton Massachussetts. FREE Admission to a Great show you don't want to miss.

See you There !

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  Flies by Britton ~ The Home of Custom Fly Tying

Nestled in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut and surrounded by some of the finest Fishing Waters found in the State. Flies by Britton, the home of Custom Fly Tying - Northwest CT Enterprises, was established along the Housatonic River in New Milford CT over 18 years ago, and I am still going strong today.

  For a almost four seasons now I have set up my fly tying workplace/home base for my guide servie, and small weekend shop ~ when I am here ~ Close to Home and Family, enjoying all the prime fishing waters this area has to offer. The new spot on the corner to the left of our other unit with the green awning is working out nicely, We are at the 248 Water Street spot directly next to / adjacent to our old 244 spot with the green awning…at the traffic light and on the Corner intersection of Church and Water Street in Torrington CT. Camouflage Curtains and the Same old black door (yes I took the door with me ) with the fishing stickers on it and my Artwork in the window.


  If you would like to visit during the week for custom flies, tying classes, or business, please "give a call ahead" to "set" a time or make sure I am available. I still travel and tie at many of the Fly Fishing shows as well as some guiding during the weekdays. This is Not a Fly Shop or Outfitter. Flies By Britton is as is states - just my workplace where I tie, sell, and ship my flies. But I am a Brick and Mortar business, where on most weekends many visit, coming by to pick up or buy flies, sell or trade tackle/fishing/etc., as well as check out some of my artwork for sale, rummage through plenty of old fishing Books, antique fishing, occasional used spin & fly equipment. I always carry a handful of varied Fly Tying materials I aquire. I am an Anglers Book Supply for any books you may need and also a Hareline Dubbing Dealer and other companies as well, so if you can't seem to find the newest fly tying materials everyone is tying with… If Hareline Dubbin' or my others Carry it, I can get it rather quickly ! 


The Days are getting longer...  















 Thursday Night Fly Tying Get-Togethers 

This is one night a week I open my place for a group of tyers, and myself to Enjoy tying flies, etc.. Obviously you can bounce tying ideas of each other as well as myself, But...This is "Not" a class. If you wish to come you must have some Fly Tying experience. So if you are a Fly Tyer, bring your vise and tying stuff and come on by !

As for taking Fly Tying Classes I have been holding individual and small group courses for years, even if I do not advertise. So if you would like to learn how to tie flies, I can get you going. Clases are $125.00 per four hour session, Prepaid.  No Saturday or Early Sunday because I am here to work on Fly orders/other, respectfully. Classes can easily be set up ahead of time in advance and I usually run them on Sunday afternoon from Noon or during the week on nights other than Thursday Tying Night.

If you have never tied flies or want to advance your skills, Beginner Fly Tying and advanced lessons can very easily be set up with me.

Saturday  Feb 21 ~ We are Tying at the Bear's Den Show in Taunton MA

Click on Link/Picture at top of page. See you There !

Sunday Feb 22 I will be at workshop from 9am til 2pm or later. Open Fly Tying Table & Hot Chili !

Tightlines' ~ See you Soon !



I will not be giving class, I have orders and work to do but I will have Open Tying Table Friday Night, Sat & Sun

Call Ahead !  Weather Permitting....


Lots of Great fishing/fly tying and non fishing Books from $3.00 up… Some of my new My Artwork will be on display and I will be making prints by request for sale and they can be framed as well for you.

I still have a handful of "new" old overstock of a variety of Fly Tying Materials I have acquired From $1.00 and up ! And some New Fly Tying materials on the wall. I am a Hareline Dubbin' Dealer so I do a lot of special order on fly tying materials and we get it Quick ! Just let me know as we can ship to you as well very reasonably. 

Looking for custom flies ? Or maybe a future Day on the water with me ?

Feel free to contact me at 860-309-8588 or see you at the shop ! 



Custom Fly Tying as Always  ~  Thank's to you, orders are keeping me at the vise, being tied Daily !  




Give a Call ahead if you are coming to Pick up an order.



~ I guide all Year, so Guide Trips are Still booked Weekly , Call to see about any Openings ~







Top Rated & Power Seller with 100 % Positive Feedback since 2010




Starting very soon !

The weekly Patterns I already tie up sell, will be going up on eBay for Sale as well ! 


Starting Soon you can Buy My Flies on eBay ~ Super Fast Ship & Easy Pay ! Although I already Custom tie & sell via PayPal - any fly pattern you need... I will soon be adding a handful of New Favorite Custom Fly Patterns that I tie weekly for purchase as well. A few at a time will start showing up onto our eBay Store. 



 Besides the flies I'm adding to our eBay store, any other Fly Patterns can be tied for you. Just Ask.

I have Tied pretty much any pattern there is.

From Saltwater to Freshwater ~ Salmon to Steelhead

I also specialize in Old School Streamers and Wet fly patterns as well ! 

Follow me on Instagram @bootrout and by clicking on the Picture below to see just a tiny bit of Variety and Diversity of Fly Patterns I enjoy tying ~ Any of those Patterns can be Tied for You as well !  

So, just a simple phone call, email, or message can Quickly and Easily get you the Flies you Need.  Easy PayPal or Credit Card Billing and Speedy USPS shipping US & Global !

Tightlines' Shawn





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We are a Top Rated Power Seller since 2010 on eBay. 100% Positive Feedback.   


Check Out some Great Book Deals that I have listed on our eBay store. There are many more titles to browse through at the shop as well. Feel feel to contact me if you are looking for a book title both new or used. I am an Angler's Book Supply Dealer and can order just about any DVD or Book still in publication.





 Click below to Check out a Quick Bit as I chatted With John "Jack" Kovachs on the Yankee Fisherman Radio… ;)




Last Fall at the CFFCM Art of the Anglers Show in Danbury CT, attending fly tiers had a chance to tie a Lee Wullf inspired pattern or two of "what would Lee Wulff tie today" to be showcased in a future display for the museum.. So I tied up a few without the vise - "in my hand" - just the way Mr. Lee Wullf would have done it… I tied a CDC Royal Wulff and an modern synthetic material - inspired Lady Joan streamer… It is Really cool that my flies are placed there next to the picture of Lee tying In hand… More so... All the great flies submitted and placed next to items of Mr. Wulff in the display look so awesome, Thank's !

But myself being a lover of the History of Fly Fishing as well as an old school fly tier at times… this  is so cool to have Lee looking over my flies, even if they pale in comparison.

Made my year ! Tightlines' !

Click on Lee's Picture to visit the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum

For the past few months I have been working on remodeling and expanding our new 248 shop/workspace, which is the adjacent storefront to our old unit of a few years or so at 244 Water Street. We are still keeping the old 244 unit also for a 3 Cushion Carom club.


As of now I am settling in the new 248 unit. I will post more as I move forward adding different items, antiques, etc.. Meanwhile I am back to tying my fly orders, and a bigger fly case to work on filling little by little with my custom fly patterns. I will be open throughout the week and on the weekends as normal. If I am not guiding, I can make available time for you to come by if you contact me ahead of time.


I have some shows/trips coming up throughout the Fallso call ahead to make sure I am not traveling or have an out of shop event, etc.. I usually post on FB or Instagram as well if I will not be here. Thank You. 


I am always keeping busy. If I am not working or out fishing or guiding, I am usually pretty close and I can usually set a time to meet during the latter part of the week. As of now every other Friday afternoon is booked. So Monday, Tuesday, and every other Friday, I will be on the water. But, please feel free to give a call anytime @ 860-309-8588 to see if I'm available. Schedule can change and long time guide clients can most often be shuffled to accommodate you for a guide trip. Please make sure you take a few moments to leave a message for me if you want to receive a return reply. Then I will follow up with you. Thank You.


Click on the picture below to visit our Flies by Britton Facebook page. Give us a Like ! Tightlines' !





This 125 year old Corner Storefront to the left of our other front with the "green" awning. Look for the black door with the fishing stickers - located at 248 Water street in the town of Torrington Connecticut. We are Not a Fly Shop or an Outfitter. This is the home of Custom Fly Tying ~ Flies by Britton. This is a great workshop for me, where I tie, sell, and ship my custom flies and eBay items just about anywhere. It is also where I hold my Fly Tying Classes as well as the home base for the Guide Service. We do carry a few small cases of flies for sale as well as a handful of varied Fly Tying materials, some books, antique fishing reels, etc. We are a Hareline Dubbin' Dealer and a few other companies. So the quality products I use to tie my flies are the same products I order for our tying classes and for my weekend customers.

Please Feel Free to Give a Call if you are looking for anything fly tying. If we don't have it here we can usually order it within a few days, or hunt down specific tying materials as well. If you can't come to the workshop or are out of the area, we can ship it to you as well.   Phone: 860-309-8588 




I Specialize in Custom Fly Tying, and my custom orders are tied daily Not only across the good old USA, but Internationally as well. I have been supplying New England Fly shops and also tying fly patterns specific to the region such as the Farmington and Houastonic Rivers for over 20 years. If you need that special fly or local pattern, just ask and I will do my best to accommodate. You don't have to visit to get some of my flies either. Just about any fly can be tied and delivered quickly to your door for you. We ship US & Global ! 







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We are a Top Rated Power Seller since 2010 on eBay. 100% Positive Feedback.   


Check Out some Great Book Deals that I have listed on our eBay store. There are many more titles to browse through at the shop as well. Feel feel to contact me if you are looking for a book title both new or used. I am an Angler's Book Supply Dealer and can order just about any DVD or Book still in publication.





Please Note that my Guide Trips tend to Fill up very quickly.  I still have 4 hour limited openings and my regular weekly clients are already set in.  I would love to get out and bend the rod with you, so don't hesitate to contact me so we can set a time on the water.  Maybe we'll get into some of the finest fish the area has to offer. So feel free to give a call, I look forward to having you stop by the workshop for a visit as many do !


Tightlines' and see you Soon !









(Doliphilodes Distinctus)

Hello Dolly!

By Shawn F. Britton

Winter/Summer Caddis on the Farmington...












There is a few fishing spots if any where you can cast to rising trout throughout the winter months, and the Farmington River is no exception. With the great Winter caddis hatches in the early time, the winter caddis and the little winter stonefly dry fishing over the years has left me with some of my more memorable fishing experiences. 

The winter caddis hatches all throughout the year but are actually at their most abundant from around late October/November until early spring. But the summer fishing can be productive as well. Not so different than most caddis, the winter caddis are most predominant and found hatching a little farther down the slower pools and runs just off the faster water. Then they will make their way to the surface in an attempt to emerge, some to the river’s banks and bushes to finish molting. But… more so at this time of year, many of the females of this winter caddis species are born somewhat wingless, leaving them way more vulnerable in the surface film or poorly making their way to the banks at all. Making an easy meal for the trout and giving us some great dry fly fishing in the winter months.

Typically the best hatches occur on the brighter mornings, but this hatch is around most all of the time early in the day. Thanks to all the unformed winter caddis bathing in the slow water, method of presentation usually works fine with a dead drift over a rising trout, as opposed to typical erratic caddis fly fishing. Although the ever so "slight" twitching within the retrieve of your fly at the last few moments before the ring of the last rise, has brought the pickiest of trout to the wet hand.  I always have a few variations in a few sizes. Pupa, basic foam body with slight hackle collar, or no collar, and a foam body with wing.  Sizes in #20 to #24 are fine. You can always go smaller as well with hook size. Lighter 6x, 7x will do or smaller if you prefer.

On that note… If you have not been on the river all year like the select few diehards… Old Man Winter has packed his bags, Spring is here and I will See you on the river ! 

Tightlines’ Shawn 



























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