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Welcome to Flies by Britton !  

Nestled in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut amongst some of the finest fishing waters found in the State.  

The Original Home of Northwest CT Enterprises - Custom Fly Tying,  and BooMan Diversified Products. Established along the Housatonic River for over 17 years ago. These days we are still going strong and now I am set up closer to my House and family, enjoying all the Prime fishing waters this area has to offer.

Please Note that the website store will be Offline. I am working on adding some new fly patterns and updates which will soon be available at our eBay store to buy the flies and more products. 

At this time You can still place Fly & Material orders with me as usual via. email or coming by the shop. Thank You !

Come on by and Say hello, I am here Most every weekend !  

I am Glad to see Many old faces and new ones as well over the past two years at our new workshop.

I look forward to having you by the shop for a visit !

Please Note that my Guide Trips are Filling up along with my Regulars already set in... I would love to get out and bend the rod with you, and get you into some of the finest fish the area has to offer...

4 hour limited openings only...


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I Specialize in Custom Fly Tying...
Custom Orders Tied Daily !
If it is Not on the WebStore - That does Not mean I can't tie up what You Need !   So Please Feel Free To Inquire with Me.
Not Only across the USA and Internationally...
I have been Supplying New England Fly shops as well as Tying Specific Fly Patterns to the region for clients as well as Guiding on the Housatonic, Naugatuck, and Farmington Rivers for over 20 years. So if you need that special fly or local pattern... Just ask and I will do my best to Accommodate !


Come on by on the weekends to pick up some super deals on some Great overstock - the flies are getting cleaned out but still more than a few flies at 50 cents each !!!

Some misc. tying materials, or place a custom fly order with me.

Maybe have a cup of Coffee, some of my 3AM Hot Chili and say Hello ! 


WE ARE ALSO a FULL,HARELINE DUBBIN' DEALER AND CAN GET WHAT YOU NEED IN THE "BEST" OF FLY TYING MATERIALS !  Please Feel Free to Give a Call if you are looking for anything or what the shops may not readily carry... I can probably Hunt it down or Special Order for You !
Super Quick Shipping Too !   Phone: 860-309-8588 
Custom Steelhead, Saltwater,Traditional Streamer, Dries, and All of the Usual Springtime patterns are being tied & shipped Daily ! I am Burning the Midnight oil, Literally...
I am still into a handful of Steelhead & Early Spring Yellow Stoneflies... More so mixed variations of Hendrickson & Quill Gordons, etc....
So if you need Flies - give me a Call or Drop an email - Sooner than Later ! 

You don't have to visit to get some of my flies either.
Just about any fly can be tied and delivered quickly to your door for you !
We ship US & Global !

Gift Certificates are Available for Custom Flies, Fly Tying Classes and future Guide trips

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(Doliphilodes Distinctus)

Hello Dolly!

Winter Caddis on the Farmington...












There is a few fishing spots if any where you can cast to rising trout throughout the winter months, and the Farmington River is no exception. With the great Winter caddis hatches in the early time, the winter caddis and the little winter stonefly dry fishing over the years has left me with some of my more memorable fishing experiences. 


The winter caddis hatches all throughout the year but are actually at their most abundant from around late October/November until early spring. Not so different than most caddis, but the winter caddis are most predominant and found hatching a little farther down the slower pools and runs just off the faster water. Then they will make their way to the surface in an attempt to emerge, some to the river’s banks and bushes to finish molting. But… more so at this time of year, many of the females of this winter caddis species are born somewhat wingless, leaving them way more vulnerable in the surface film or poorly making their way to the banks at all. Making an easy meal for the trout and giving us some great dry fly fishing in the winter months.

Typically the best hatches occur on the brighter mornings, but this hatch is around most all of the time early in the day. Thanks to all the unformed winter caddis bathing in the slow water, method of presentation usually works fine with a dead drift over a rising trout, as opposed to typical erratic caddis fly fishing. Although the ever so "slight" twitching within the retrieve of your fly at the last few moments before the ring of the last rise, has brought the pickiest of trout to the wet hand.  I always have a few variations in a few sizes. Pupa, basic foam body with slight hackle collar, or no collar, and a foam body with wing.  Sizes in #20 to #24 are fine. You can always go smaller as well with hook size. Lighter 6x, 7x will do or smaller if you prefer.

On that note… If you have not been on the river all year like the select few diehards… Old Man Winter is packing his bags so you need to get on the water !   

See you on the river... 
Tightlines’ Shawn 


Here is Fly Display of the Barley Hopper I created from Roger Baker's RBC Barley Hopper Illustration/Logo for the Boys at Roscoe Beer Company...Thank's Guys and see you soon !  

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Rain & Snow, in the River we go !

Weekly Trips are still going on for those Avid Anglers.

I fish and guide year-round.

I am Now booked through Spring & Summer on Mondays,Tuesdays, and every other Wednesday  There are still Open spots for Thursday & Friday Mornings at the moment.  

Spring is Here !  It is a Great "Seasonable" time to be on the water !    

Feel free to Hit Me Up so we can set a time together on the water !



Follow us on Facebook to keep up on what I am doing. Fly orders are being tied daily. If you need flies, I can most likely tie them. My Custom patterns for Salmon & Steelhead and Both Freshwater & Saltwater is what I prefer to tie. I am Not a fan of tying the "wooly bugger", generic "Adams", or run of the mill - text book flies that you can get at any shop. Those flies are fine, but not my cup of tea... unless you want them with my twist... I tie Custom flies - That is what anglers come to me for... for over 20 years now, and is one of two or three things of which I am well known for...

We carry a small case of My flies & the hatch as the workshop as well on the weekends...

Just let me know what Freshwater, Saltwater, Salmon, Steelhead, Classic or Modern Pattern you need tied - that old streamer patterns that your Grandfather used or your own creation duplicated...

Tightlines' Shawn 

Flies by Britton - 244 Water Street, Torrington, CT ~ 860-309-8588 

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 You are Welcome to Visit the workshop when I am available. It is just me so I keep very busy just keeping up with guide trips and tying. During the week I will post hours if I am here, on the Website or Facebook... For almost Two Years I have been Here religiously most every weekend fro 9am until 2pm...

This Location is Just the New home for Flies By Britton.

This is my "Workspace" where I Tie/Sell/Ship My Custom Flies, Hold Fly Tying Classes/Seminars, Ship eBay & Mailorder, as well as the Home base for the Guide Service.  Give a Call and Come on By & Say Hello !

I do on occasion buy and sell Used fishing & Old fishing books. Old Mitchells Reels, Rods & Reels,Etc.... Also at times we carry New Books. New Fishing/Fly Tying DVD's, and a small but growing selection of Hareline Fly Tying materials.

A "Tiny Handful" of Basic Fly Fishing Tippets, flies, and indicators are on hand.

My Artwork & Custom flies are usually on display and can be ordered from the demos per request.

 What we can Order as well as carry for our fly tying classes/get-togethers is Hareline Dubbin' Inc. Fly Tying Materials.

For Your Fly Tying Needs, I do mostly mail order or weekend pick up at the workshop... so If I don't have it in bulk stock, I can more than likely order and get it Rather quickly !  


Custom Fly Orders are being Tied Daily !  Give a Call Anytime !

Custom fly orders have been shipped out around the USA and Internationally since 1997.

 I have a 1dz. minimum on All Custom orders. Minimum 6 each per pattern/size. I do not tie one and two of each fly/size.

 I offer a small selection of mine and local fly patterns for individual sale at the workshop on the weekends. 

 Fly Orders take about a week or so depending on how backed up I am. We ship US within 3-5 days with completed orders as well.

 Again, If I am not working/guiding, I am here. But I will be here busily working and tying fly orders or to ship mail/packages daily. So Please "call ahead" during the week as so I can make time to be available for you. 860-309-8588 Leave Message. 

We are here every Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am 'till 2pm or longer, unless I need to travel for Fishing & Tying shows, fish out of state with the wife, etc.. Thank You !


Many of my long time Clients and Friends set a time to visit me throughout the week & weekends to Buy/Sell/Trade, tie flies or just Visit. So Please feel free to Give a "Call Ahead" to Stop on in and Visit, have a Cup of Coffee & Say Hello !  See you Soon !

Tightlines' Shawn


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Over the past Three Four Years We have Become a Top Rated, Power Seller on eBay.

Occasionally what I Sell Online and more is available at the workshop as well. Auction items would be exempt. Unless auction has ended with out sale. I carry a fair amount of older Outdoor & Fishing books. New Survival & Fishing Books. Outdoor, Fly Tying & Fly Fishing DVD's.

I am always Buying & Selling Fishing/Outdoor related Items, Antiques, Used Spin & Fly Fishing Equipment, Fly Tying as well as Non-Fishing items and antiques - Miscellaneous items of Interest.

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Flies by Britton is set up in Torrington Ct. Now, so I Have Been back to Guiding & Fishing My Local waters - The Housatonic River & The West Branch of the Naugatuck - much more lately.

Of course you will certainly see me on The Farmington River.

Spring & Summer Guide trips are filling up quick. Because I have steady clientele and guide part time, 3-4 days a week, I tend to fill up fast so pre-book your trip with me to set a place on the schedule. 

Maybe We'll get out and Put a Bend on the Ole' Fly Rod.

Guide services can be Started and Sent from the website via email or call: 860-309-8588





I had the pleasure of fishing with Greg Shaw. Director, Grantee & Partner

Engagement for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


We had a really great time on Farmington River standing in the icy cold water upstream.  Greg is a heck of a guy and a true lover of the sport of fly fishing. During our course we got up close & personal with a hungry beaver, Greg watched me shake a few bushes in hopes of getting some trout to rise, and we had more laughs than fish. All in all we had a really great time. Before he left town he managed to hook a few Brown's, a species he had not caught yet on the East Coast.

 You can read about his trip to the Farmington river as well as many other interesting angling destinations.

And Baseball too!

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Farmington

This story is about my fishing trip to the Farmington River in Connecticut, but like so often with me it begins with a baseball story.

Several years ago I was sitting with Dave Valle, a former Major League catcher, in the stands of an amateur field in San Pedro de Macoris, the Dominican Republic. The DR, and San Pedro de Macoris more particularly, have become famous because it is where the Big Leagues is finding many of its biggest talents.

I sat there innocently watching what I took to be a typical baseball game, but Dave was seeing more than I could ever see by scanning the field pitch-by-pitch, movement-by-movement.  He was a real professional taking in a scene he had seen and learned from hundreds if not thousands of times before. He noticed the first baseman out of position, and the batters tendencies and the foibles of the pitcher and the athleticism of middle infielder.

It was kind of like that fishing with my guide on the Farmington.  Shawn Britton stood waist-deep in the Farmington one morning this week absorbing in a flash 5-6 different hatches, fish rises, wildlife, my sorry casting, currents and wind direction. I was noticing one thing while he took in dozens of things. A true pro, and a nice guy as well.

We didn't catch any fish together, but my only regret is that I didn't set my rod down and just learn from him. He is the buggiest guy I've ever met. He could spot bugs all around him and then quickly match them with a fly in his box.

At one point he asked, as I was furiously casting, if I ever shook the bushes.  What he meant was do I ever take the time to shake a bush to see what insects will fall, thereby possibly matching the hatch when attracting fish. Why didn't I just set the rod down and go do that with him?  I would  have learned something. If you're lucky enough to book time with Shawn it's like enrolling in a fly fishing course. He knows these waters -- not just the currents and the rocks -- but the natural history and the cultural history -- like the back of his hand.

This was my first fly fishing experience on the East Coast. When I called a few fly shops in the Boston area to enquire about where to fish on my day off, the Farmington kept coming up as a top recommendation. It has brown and brook trout as well small Atlantic salmon that the federal government is trying to reintroduce.

There is a great book on fishing the Farmington at the Farmington River Anglers Association website. Shawn is one of the writers and editors.

I booked a room at the Old Riverton Inn, a historic, care-worn fishing lodge just across the lane from the Farmington. With its old bridges, colonial houses and white picket fences, this is a charming New England fishing experience.

The water was ice cold and clear in late June. The river is not wide and is very wadeable. The flows are good but not too swift.

The evening before meeting Shawn I caught a few small brown trout beneath the bridge just across from the Inn. And then in the afternoon after Shawn and I said goodbye I caught this nice brown trout swinging a fly at People's State Forest. This was my first decent brown trout ever -- about 12-13 inches. I was using one of Shawn's terrestrials -- a small black fly with white wings.

Earlier in the morning, as Shawn was giving me a tour of the river, we saw this beaver which you can see swiming from the left bank of the Farmington.

Check out his blog...

Greg is also an Owner of the Walla Walla Sweets



The Home of Custom Fly Tying, Flies by Britton is located at 244 Water Street in Torrington, CT.  We are in the Northwest corner of Connecticut just minutes from two of New England's premier Trout fisheries - The Farmington River and The Housatonic River. These are my home waters where I grew up fishing and hunting, the perfect waters in which to offer my instruction and guided fishing trips.

Almost Two years since I have opened a new home base for my mail order & ebay, classes & guide service, etc.. I also enjoy angling and guiding on the smaller streams and when the conditions are right you'll even find me just the same on a few of the local lakes and backwater ponds.

Thank You for Visiting !  Tightlines' Shawn




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